Method that detects volumetric indications in different types of materials. ISOTEC has a team with a digital chassis that reduces exposure time, increases performance and obtains the image instantly. This method is used for the inspection of corrosion profiles in pipes, inspection of welded joints and inspection of industrial components.

This technique provides us with a full record of the internal state of the piece, it is used to find superficial and sub-superficial indications. Isotec offers Industrial radiography that can be:


ISOTEC follows the methodology established in conventional radiography procedures together with its codes and standards, it is used for inspection through the use of scintigraphic sources to welded joints.


ISOTEC also has the new digital radiography system, which makes use of a practical and high-performance equipment that has a high-quality image monitor, obtaining a better image quality that allows us to analyze the indications found during the inspection. , which means:

  • Reduction in the amount of radiation exposure (approximately 20 to 90% less).
  • Elimination of the use of fuels, such as films, chemicals, water, among others.
  • Elimination of chemical photo reveal.
  • Unique electrical power requirement.
  • The photo reveal time is much faster.
  • Image previews can be viewed in less than 30 seconds.
  • Total inspection time can be reduced when all proper working conditions are met.
  • Image treatment and digital file generation. By being able to store digitally acquired images, physical storage space is reduced.