Metrología de Equipos END

Metrology in NDT equipments

ISOTEC SAS offers calibration / verification services for equipment and instruments that is used for the performance of Non-Destructive Testing following the guidelines of ISO 17025 and procedures based on the available standards of the ASTM.

We have qualified staff to provide reliable calibrated results and measurements meeting customers expectations.

We have the capacity for calibration/verification of the following equipment and instruments:

Magnetic particules Bank ASTM E1444, ASTM E709
Electromagnetic Yoke ASTM E1444, ASTM E709
Conventional Ultrasound equipment ASTM E317
Ultrasound Equipment - Phased Array ASTM E2491
Gaussimeter Según procedimiento del fabricante del instrumento
Densitometers ASTM E1079
Ultraviolet light Lamp ASTM G130
Radiometers with detection in the Ultraviolet range (black light) ASTM G130
Radiometers (photometers, luxometer)  with detection in the Visible range (white light) ASTM G130